Cydelia Reserve

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Native grassland on Cydelia Reserve

Cydelia Conservation Reserve is a 160 hectare block of bushland near Wartook, in the northern Grampians. The Cybec Foundation purchased the block in 2006 from Trust for Nature, who had bought it after a plan to subdivide it into 10 hobby farms was rejected after opposition from conservation minded neighbours. It was formerly privately owned, but had never been systematically logged or cleared, and had not been burnt for many years. However in 2014 a fierce fire swept over the reserve, and many of the magnificent gums were killed.

When the Reserve was set up there was a large group of enthusiastic neighbours who formed a Committee of Management, but many of them are now too old to play an active role, and several have died. As a result the Reserve has been rather neglected lately, and the Foundation feels that it is time to make new plans for it.

The two possibilities are that we find a number of enthusiastic local people to revitalise the Management Committee, or that we sell or lease the block to someone who could make better use of it.

If you feel that you can contribute to the management of the Reserve in either capacity the Foundation would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact the Secretary in the first instance at:

Cybec Foundation

PO Box 262, Hampton Vic 3188, (03) 9592 8579, enquiries@cybec.org


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Cydelia Reserve