Cydelia Reserve

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When the Cybec Foundation was negotiating the purchase the block from Trust for Nature it had to draw up a covenant which protected the property, but did not unduly restrict possible future improvements. Although we did not envisage any substantial developments at Cydelia Reserve we made provision for a caretakers residence, an Environmental Research and Teaching centre, and parking and camping areas.

We tried to place the facilities where they would have the least impact on the Reserve itself, and on the adjoining National Park. We also tried to minimise the likelihood of introducing phytopthera to the Reserve, and to ensure that it would do the least harm if it were introduced.

As the property is bounded on the west, North and Northeast by National Park, and as it slopes downwards to the south, it was decided to put the domestic areas in the southern corners. The main development would be in the south-west corner, where there is a substantial area of stringy bark forest, of relatively low conservation significance. Provision was also made for a smaller domestic area in the southeast corner for machinery sheds and possibly toilets. In hindsight it would have been better to have placed this at the lowest spot on the eastern boundary.

The covenant also allows for one or two dams on the property, both as a refuge for water birds, and as a source of water for firefighting purposes. There are supposedly two permanent springs on the water course through Block 9 on the plan, but these have mostly been dry since the block was bought. The catchment for these streams is quite small, but the water course in the southeastern corner has a much larger catchment, and would probably be a better site for a dam.

Suggested location of domestic areas

The covenant allows for the following facilities:

Machinery sheds

SW and SE corners

Parking area

SW corner


As needed

1 or 2 dams

Where practicable (if permitted)

Caretakers dwelling

SW corner

Camping area plus ablutions block

SW corner

Environmental Studies Centre

SW corner


All these facilities except the dams could be fitted into an area 100 metres square, but the covenant allows for a domestic area 100 m by 200 m in the southwest corner, and another 50 m by 100 m in the southeast corner, as shown, and also for two dams in suitable locations. It would probably have been better to have placed the eastern domestic block at the right hand end of the proposed road, but this could probably be arranged at the time, if it is ever required.

The sample dwellings have deliberately been generously sized, to show that the proposed domestic areas should be adequate for any forseeable development plans. In the southwest area the machinery shed is about 20 by 9 metres, and the Environmental Centre is 30 by 10. The carpark shown would comfortably hold over 30 cars.


Example of possible layout for SW domestic area

Layout for SE area

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