Photos of Cydelia Reserve

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Stinking pennywort


Xanthorrhoea australis

Detail of Eucalyptus bark

Old redgum, with nesting hollows

(High rise apartments!)

Stinking pennywort

Hydrocotyl laxiflora

Cydelia Conservation Reserve is a 160 hectare block of bushland near Wartook, in the northern Grampians. The block is south facing. The southern part is relatively flat, and the northern part rises up into the foothills of The Spur. The steeper parts are mainly covered with fairly open heathy woodland and stringy bark forest, while there are a large areas of red gum and yellow box grassy woodland in the south. There is also a small area of sedgy riparian woodland. The west, north and east boundaries are bounded by the Grampians National Park, and there are hobby farms on the south boundary.

These photos were taken in November 2005, during the initial inspection, when the vegetation was still relatively lush.

The block has recovered somewhat now (2012), but in the recent drought years the 'endangered native grassland' consisted of a bare paddock, paved with kangaroo droppings.

This is the first item
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