Cydelia Reserve


2.1 Timing of Survey

The survey was carried out during the peak of the spring wildflower period to ensure thorough coverage of all species including orchids on the property. However spring surveys tend to fail to record all native grasses as they normally flower and set seed in late spring-early summer. As a result very few native grasses were recorded for the property. However it is my opinion that it would be unlikely for any significant grasses recorded for the region to be found on the property.


3.1 Description of Vegetation Communities Surveyed and their Conservation Status

Broad Vegetation Types:

Grampians Heathland - Heathy Woodland Complex

Ecological Vegetation Classes:

EVC 003 -Damp Sands Herb-rich Woodland

EVC 20 -Heathy Dry Forest

EVC 48 -Heathy Woodland

EVC 55-02 -Plains Grassy Woodland

-Red Gum Grassy Woodland
-Yellow Box Grassy Woodland

EVC 198 :-Sedgy Riparian Woodland

3.2 Overview of Plant Communities:

EVC 003 -Damp Sands Herb-rich Woodland

This community occurs as a long narrow strip along the eastern edge of the creek running in a north to south direction in the south eastern corner of the property. It occupies the deeper, better drained soils above the Red Gum Grassy Woodland and below the drier shallower soils of the Heathy Woodland.

Dominant in this community are numerous specimens of Grampians Scent­bark Eucalyptus sabulosa which is listed rare (r) for Victoria, along with scattered Swamp Gums Eucalyptus ovata and the rare Grampians Grey-gum Eucalyptus alaticaulis (r) (see 3.4.1 below).

Occasional Black Wattles Acacia mearnsii occur in the mid storey.

The ground flora is grassy or bracken-dominated with a large shrub layer and ground layer rich in herbs, grasses, and orchids.

Notable amongst these are Austral Bracken Pteridium esculentum, shrubs of Daphne Heath Brachyloma daphnoides, Heath Tea-tree Leptospermum myrsinoides and Flame Heath Astroloma conostephioides with a rich ground layer dominated by Weeping Grass Microlaena stipoides, Grassland Wood-sorrel Oxalis perennans, Common Violet Viola hederacea and Stinking Pennywort Hydrocotyle laxiflora.

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