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Red Cross staff conducting household environmental health education in Herat

In 2002 the Foundation paid to refurbish about 200 latrines in Herat, as part of this international health program

The Cybec Foundation was set up in 2002 as a Charitable Fund, and has been endorsed as an Income Tax Exempt Charity. The Foundation supports the following broad classes of charitable activities:

The Foundation concentrates primarily on the endowment of scholarships, and on substantial projects of continuing benefit to the community. If an Organisation has a project which it feels may be of interest to the Foundation, it is invited to discuss it with the Secretary.

Please do not submit a completed proposal without first verifying that the project falls within the Foundation's guidelines.

For further information contact:

The Secretary
The Cybec Foundation
PO Box 262

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enquiries@cybec.com.au    Phone 03/613 9592 8579