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Photo by Simon O'Dwyer, courtesy of The Age.

Phillipa Mason, Cybec Scholar at Healesville Sanctuary 2002, releasing a kookaburra after treatment for a broken wing. Phillipa is one of many students who have held scholarships endowed by the Foundation

Roger Riordan and his late wife, Sally, founded Cybec Pty Ltd in 1990 to handle the development and marketing of the VET Antiviral Software, which Roger had initially developed at Chisholm Institute of Technology.

They sold Vet in 1999, and decided to use most of the proceeds for charitable purposes. Sadly Sally died shortly afterwards.

In 2002 Roger and his second wife Patricia set up the Cybec Foundation as a Charitable Fund, and the Foundation took over all the charitable activities of both Cybec Pty Ltd and the Riordan family. Patricia Riordan died on 14.12.2010

The aims of the Foundation include:

  • Encouraging academic excellence

  • Assisting the less fortunate

  • Caring for the environment

  • Supporting the Arts

The Foundation has set up, or inherited, a number of scholarships in several different fields of study, and has funded a number of major charitable and environmental projects.


Recent major projects:

  • Medley Hall. The Foundation played a major role in the refurbishment of Medley Hall to meet modern safety standards. Medley Hall reopened in July 2011, and provides accommodation for country and overseas students.

  • "Roasters" and "Toasters" at Sandringham Hospital. In 2012 the Foundation supplied the Hospital's Maternity Ward with modern equipment for handling premature babies, including 2 Resuscitiares for keeping babies warm while providing access for emergency care, and three incubators, as well as a part-time dietician to work with the young mothers for two years.

Cydelia House

    In 2013 the Foundation purchased a pair of terrace houses at 101-3 Drummond Street, Carlton (just up the road from Medley Hall), which, after modernising to meet current regulations, will be used for student accommodation, in conjunction with Medley Hall.


Roger Riordan

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